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Master of Science in Criminal Justice Administration

MS degrees offered in Traditional and Evening formats

Lindenwood University offers an accelerated master of science (MS) degree in criminal justice administration program designed for practicing professionals like you who are in the fields of law enforcement and criminal justice administration.

This program draws police officers, detectives, lawyers, correctional officers, and Homeland Security agents, among others. The degree is designed for both those who are beginning their careers in this field as well as for those professionals who would like to advance their careers and hone their skills as criminal justice professionals.

Comprehensive Instruction Using Applied Learning Techniques

The core cluster instruction is integral to your experience in this program. The instruction revolves around three complementary subjects. Each supports the others and can be taught together to better understand each subject as you move from cluster to cluster in order to complete your accelerated degree. Each class has no more than 14 people to ensure that you can learn about each topic.

Financing Your MS in Criminal Justice Administration

We know that the steps to financing your degree can be difficult to navigate. Lindenwood University offers financial support services for every student, and we can help you take advantage of the options that are available for graduate students.

As a Lindenwood University student, you have access to all support systems that Lindenwood has to offer, including free tutoring and writing skills workshops, academic support, and a professional advisor who can assist you when you are choosing courses.

Faculty Members Who Value Experience

The instructors in the accelerated degree program at Lindenwood University are criminal justice professionals who have been working in the field for years and incorporate their knowledge into the weekly coursework. Students in the program are often working professionals, as well, who contribute real-world experiences to discussions for a very dynamic learning environment.

Earning a Master of Science in Criminal Justice Degree at Lindenwood University

Lindenwood University understands that you’re busy, so we have built a system to help you achieve your education and career goals in a shorter timeframe than a traditional graduate program.

This accelerated master of science in criminal justice program allows you to earn nine credits in one quarter, which means that you can complete 36 credits in just one year. Classes consist of small groups that typically meet only once a week. This compact timeframe, coupled with the in-depth instruction that you will receive through a “cluster” format, attracts busy criminal justice professionals who have limited time each week to manage work, school, and overall responsibilities.

What Can I Do with a Master of Science in Criminal Justice Degree?

A Lindenwood University education is highly respected, not only in the St. Louis region, but throughout the Midwest and nationally. No matter what career path you choose, your master’s in criminal justice from Lindenwood University will have you prepared. Criminal justice has many career paths, each with different requirements and salaries. For more information on these career paths, consult the Occupational Outlook Handbook at the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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