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The program is ideal if you would like to earn a graduate business degree to advance your career or start a new business-based profession.

The Lindenwood University School of Accelerated Degree Programs Master of Business Administration (MBA) program offers you a broad-based education in advanced administrative and managerial topics. It is designed specifically for working adults like you who have varying professional backgrounds. 

A Curriculum that Rewards Real-World Experience

The Lindenwood University Accelerated Degree Program's MBA curriculum prepares you for an ever-changing national and global economy. The MBA clusters emphasize applying your knowledge through case study analysis, through the examination of current issues and trends in variety of business environments, and through interaction with your instructor and fellow students in the MBA cluster.

The clustered learning format of the Accelerated Program is intended for people like you who would like to become business managers or who are currently in that position and would like to take on additional responsibility. Each cluster is comprised of three related subject areas that are often combined into one seminar. You and a small group of your classmates and your instructor will meet about once a week at night and will engage in the curriculum through class discussion, written and oral presentations, group projects, and testing. You will also complete assignments out of class.

The accelerated MBA program at Lindenwood University offers an array of financial aid choices, including federal aid, state grants, direct and supplemental loans, and more. You will be assigned a representative who can help you navigate these financial aid choices.

Master’s of Business Administration Faculty at Lindenwood University

The Lindenwood University MBA instructors all have real-world experience in different business disciplines, including accounting, management, and international business. With a knowledgeable instructor at the helm, these classes will prepare you for greater responsibility in your career.

Earning a Master’s of Business Administration Degree at Lindenwood University

The accelerated MBA program at Lindenwood University offers you a unique, tailored approach for professionals who would like to earn an MBA without sacrificing their family or home life. Using a quarterly system and cluster format, this program runs at an accelerated pace. It's perfect for highly motivated students who would like to advance their careers. With 8 locations in the St. Louis area to choose from, our students can attend class conveniently close to work or home.

What Can I Do with a Master’s of Business Administration Degree from Lindenwood University?

A Lindenwood University education is highly respected, not only in the St. Louis region, but throughout the Midwest and nationally. Our graduates power the workforce in this area, and we have many thousands who work in business and business-related fields. Our MBA graduates are accountants, tax planners, insurance underwriters, actuaries, and marketing professionals. They are employed at financial corporations, government agencies, health care companies, manufacturing institutes, and many more businesses in the Midwest region. For more information on these career paths, consult the Occupational Outlook Handbook at the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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