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Fiction ~ Poetry ~ Creative Nonfiction


Lindenwood University's MFA in Writing degree offers an option for students to declare an emphasis in one of three areas: Fiction, Poetry, or Creative Nonfiction. Depending on your personal preferences, you may prefer to pursue the general MFA in Writing degree (with coursework in any genre allowed for all 48 credit hours), or you may prefer to pursue an emphasis to show a specialized coursework focus. Note that emphases are listed on transcripts but do not appear on diplomas. Students who wish to declare an emphasis must contact their MFA advisor to request the Major Change form and must complete and return the form to their advisor. 

An emphasis requires at least 27 credit hours in your emphasis genre, including at least one required Foundational class from the lists below. Emphasis students may take any MFA classes for the remaining 18 credit hours of coursework. The final 3-credit Thesis must focus primarily on the emphasis genre. Students work with their advisor to ensure proper emphasis coursework is completed.

Students pursuing an emphasis must select at least one Foundational class from the list below for the chosen emphasis genre:

Fiction Emphasis - Foundational Class Options:

IMF 55100       Fiction Craft Foundations

IMF 56100       Classic Foundational Literature: Fiction

IMF 58100       Contemporary Foundational Literature: Fiction

Poetry Emphasis - Foundational Class Options:

IMF 55300       Poetry Craft Foundations

IMF 56300       Classic Foundational Literature: Poetry

IMF 58300       Contemporary Foundational Literature: Poetry

Creative Nonfiction Emphasis - Foundational Class Options:

IMF 55200       Creative Nonfiction Craft Foundations

IMF 56200       Classic Foundational Literature: Creative Nonfiction

IMF 58200       Contemporary Foundational Literature: Creative Nonfiction

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