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Information Technology Management Trimester Schedule

Graduate IT Communications and Management Cluster (6 credit hours)

IIT 52400/IIT 53800  Intermediate/Advanced Business Communications for IT Professionals (3)
IIT 53500  Management and Administrative Theory for IT Professionals (3)

Graduate IT Systems and Business Analysis Cluster (6 credit hours)

IIT 53300  System Approach to Software Management (3)
IIT 53400 Advanced Business Analysis Practices (3)

Graduate IT Network and Security Cluster (6 credit hours)

IIT 52800 Networking Essentials (3)
IIT 52600  Current Issues in Network Technology (3)

Graduate IT Governance and Compliance Cluster (6 credit hours)

IIT 52900  IT Compliance, Governance, and Ethics (3)
IIT 55900 IT Management Project (3)

Graduate IT ERP and Cloud Computing Cluster (6 credit hours)

IIT 55800 Virtualization and Cloud Computing (3)
IIT 54300 Enterprise Resource Planning (3)

Graduate Database and New Technology Integration Cluster (6 credit hours)

IIT 54200  New Technology Integration (3)
IIT 60300  IT Management Capstone (3)


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