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Criminal Justice

BS degrees offered in Traditional and Evening formats

The Lindenwood University School of Accelerated Degree Programs bachelor of science (BS) degree in criminal justice will prepare you to start or continue your career in the criminal justice field.

After completing the program and graduating with your BS degree, you will be able to use your skills in law enforcement and the court system as police officers, detectives, security personnel, Homeland Security agents, and correction officers. Another option is to continue your studies after earning your undergraduate criminal justice degree to pursue further academic study in law or security.

You will be able to earn your undergraduate degree in this fast-tracked program while working full time. With convenient locations, continuous student support, and the ability to earn 36 credit hours each year, you will be able to advance your law enforcement career quickly without sacrificing your work obligations or your home life.

Convenient Classes and an Accommodating Schedule

Because many of our criminal justice students are working adults, often already employed in the law enforcement community, Lindenwood understands how important it is to use your time wisely while earning your undergraduate degree. Our evening programs typically meet just one night a week during each quarter. You will be expected to complete midterm and final exams, perform case studies, and develop and write at least one major research paper. We've designed the program to be convenient, with 8 locations available to meet with your class, so you'll be close to work or close to home.

Criminal Justice Faculty

Using the "cluster" format, our BS in criminal justice is taught through small group instruction by a Lindenwood University faculty member who has considerable law enforcement experience. The cluster is made up of three interrelated core curriculum courses that allow you to earn nine credit hours each quarter. For example, the criminal procedure cluster includes investigation, procedure and law. The instructor and students study the three topics as they relate to one another and to the general degree requirements. The class will explore topics through academic studies as well as through real-world criminal justice cases.

Earning a Criminal Justice Degree

The accelerated BS degree in criminal justice at Lindenwood University requires 120 semester hours, including 45 semester hours in the major itself. Completion of the capstone course is a requirement for the program. This course may be taken only after all core course requirements have been met or concurrently with the final cluster. The capstone course will emphasize the theories and concepts of the major from an academic viewpoint as well as in practical applications in the professional setting. A grade of "C" or above is necessary to pass the capstone course.

What Can I Do With a Criminal Justice Degree From Lindenwood University?

A criminal justice degree from Lindenwood University opens up a wide variety of careers for you; police officer, detective, security, Homeland Security, correction officer, and many more. Criminal justice is a field with many specialties and paths. The Occupational Outlook Handbook at the Bureau of Labor Statistics is a great resource to help you decide which career path to take.

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