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Virtualization and Cloud Computing

BS degrees offered in Traditional and Evening formats

If you are interested in a career as a computer network architect, the Lindenwood University School of Accelerated Degree Programs bachelor of science (BS) degree in virtualization and cloud computing is for you.

The program designed for working adults who are interested in a successful career as a computer network architect. These professionals evaluate and construct data communication networks, including public, private, and Hybrid Cloud Infrastructures. These networks can connect a few devices in a home or encompass a system that spans the globe. When you complete the accelerated BS degree program in virtualization and cloud computing, at Lindenwood University, you will be ready for these challenges and more.

Fast-Tracked Programs in Convenient Locations

The accelerated undergraduate program in virtualization and cloud computing allows you to earn nine credits each quarter, for a total of 36 credits per year. Classes typically meet once a week in the evenings. You can attend class in one of 8 locations around the St. Louis area, including the Lindenwood University campus in St. Charles, Mo., and our campus right across the river in Belleville, Ill. Our classes are close to your work or home for your convenience. Your list of priorities is long, so we make your commute short. It’s another way that the accelerated degree program helps you earn a degree while juggling your responsibilities at home, work, and school.

Virtualization and Cloud Computing Faculty

Every faculty member in the undergraduate information technology program has experience both as an instructor and as an IT professional. You will benefit from their knowledge of information technology as it relates to the business world. In addition to learning form their instructor, you will also benefit greatly from the professional experiences and opportunities shared among classmates.

A Format That Promotes Practical Knowledge and Integrated Learning

Courses in the virtualization and cloud computing undergraduate program are part of a “cluster” format. Our clusters consist of three related courses that students concentrate on each quarter. For example, the Virtualization Cluster in Administration concentrates on three interconnected, practical areas that explore administration requirements in computer network architect positions. Each cluster has fewer than 14 people and is taught by a Lindenwood University faculty member who also has considerable experience in this field. You will learn from your instructors, and from each other, as you move from cluster to cluster until you have completed your bachelor’s degree in virtualization and cloud computing.

The accelerated bachelor of science degree in virtualization and cloud computing requires 57 semester hours of credit in the major beyond the general education requirements. You will work with a faculty advisor to determine an appropriate sequence of courses from lists of nine credit hour clusters and individual three semester hour courses. If you’re interested in applying for this program or if you’d like to learn more about it, contact Lindenwood University today.

What Can I Do With a Virtualization and Cloud Computing Degree From Lindenwood University?

Virtualization and cloud computing are technologies that, together, enable companies and organizations to effectively deliver shared computing services using networked servers. Computer network architects design, evaluate, build, and manage these networks to ensure that the systems not only meet the current needs of companies, but are also prepared to expand as cloud computing becomes more capable and efficient. With these positions expected to grow more than 15 percent by the end of the decade, and as the software and hardware used in virtualization and cloud computing becomes more powerful, experienced network architects will be a valuable resource in many organizations. For more information on these career paths, consult the Occupational Outlook Handbook at the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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