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MA degrees offered in Traditional formats

In today’s business world, people are realizing the importance of expanding their range of experience and staying abreast of the latest industry trends.

The master of arts degree in communications at Lindenwood University is one way to advance your career in public relations, advertising, journalism, videography, or any job that involves working with people.

As one of our most versatile degree programs, the MA in communications is designed for students seeking to enhance their career in a broad range of fields. Customize your courses to fit your interests by choosing from four different areas of emphasis: broadcast, communications studies, interactive media and web design, and journalism. You’ll learn from professors who have extensive real world experience and who are passionate about helping you reach your professional goals.

Lindenwood University Communications Faculty

The faculty in the School of Arts, Media, and Communication are dedicated to helping you succeed and bringing their impressive real world experience in media arts to the classroom. Our communication professors are not only expert teachers; they are also award-winning filmmakers, journalists, radio hosts, advertising specialists, professional web designers, illustrators, production stage managers, technical producers, and television station managers. Small class sizes allow you to get to know them on a personal level and benefit from individual guidance and expertise.

Earning a Master of Arts Degree in Communications

When you pursue the MA in communications, you’ll have the flexibility to choose from a wide variety of classes, ranging from television production and investigative reporting to copywriting and web design. Each of our four areas of emphasis delves deeply into a specific aspect of the communications field and gives you the expertise you need to advance in any number of careers.

Emphasis in Broadcast

The broadcast emphasis is designed for students seeking to grow their career in newswriting, news production, or reporting. You’ll take classes in audio and video production, writing for the electronic media, and news reporting.

Emphasis in Communications Studies

The communications studies emphasis gives you a well-rounded blend of coursework in multiplatform reporting, video editing, web design, television production, newswriting, and applications for mobile devices. This emphasis is ideal for students who would like to gain experience in several different areas of the communication field. 

Emphasis in Interactive Media and Web Design

The interactive media and web design emphasis will prepare you for working with 3-D graphics, mobile applications, web design software and techniques, and video/audio editing. Students who select this emphasis often pursue careers that allow them to apply their artistic creativity and work heavily with the latest communication technologies.

Emphasis in Journalism

The journalism emphasis is designed for students who want to focus their degree on such areas as investigative reporting, broadcast newswriting, photojournalism, and television news production. Students in this emphasis are often interested in a career as a news correspondent, photographer, writer, editor, or network manager.

LUTV and 89.1 FM “The Wood”

At Lindenwood University, we know the importance of having hands-on, creative learning opportunities when it comes to growing as communications professionals. You’ll not only benefit from skilled professors and in-depth course material, but you’ll also work with the latest creative tools in our on-campus television studio, LUTV, and radio station 89.1 FM “The Wood.”

Learn what it takes to work in video production, television programming, and screenwriting when you join LUTV, the university’s own cable television station. Broadcast to 50,000 viewers in St. Charles county and live streamed daily, LUTV is the perfect way to complement your coursework in broadcast reporting and television management.

Take part in all facets of radio station operation at Lindenwood’s own 50,000-watt station 89.1 FM “The Wood.” You’ll gain firsthand experience in programming, promotion, news reporting and writing, marketing, traffic, and on-air announcing.

What to do with a Graduate Degree in Communications

Your graduate degree in communications will open up a number of advanced career options for you. You’ll gain the important skills you need to succeed with any number of employers, from major news networks to web design companies. Graduates in communications are typically employed as television managers, reporters, graphic designers, videographers, writers, editors, and directors of public relations or marketing.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that public relations managers earned a median annual salary of $104,140 in 2015, and the demand for jobs in this field is expected to grow seven percent through 2024. Jobs for television producers and directors are expected to rise faster than the national average for employment, and the median salary for these positions is $68,440.

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