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BSN Post-Licensure

BSN Post-Licensure degrees offered in Traditional formats

Lindenwood University acknowledges the value of previous nursing education. As a result, Lindenwood awards 35 of the 71 nursing credits in transfer from the basic nursing degree or diploma program.

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing (post-licensure RN to BSN) requires the completion of nine required courses and two elective courses in the Department of Nursing and Public Health in addition to the general education requirements for a Bachelor of Science degree.

Required Nursing Coursework:

NUR 31000 Professional Nursing  
NUR 33000 Research and Evidence Based Practice  
NUR 35000 Healthcare Policy and Finance  
NUR 37000 Patient Safety and Quality  
NUR 37500 Introduction to Health Informatics  
NUR 41000 Holistic Health Assessment  
NUR 43000 Leadership and Management  
NUR 45000 Community Health and Health Promotion  
NUR 47000 Nursing Capstone  


Elective Nursing Coursework:

Students must complete six credit hours of elective coursework based on their areas of clinical practice or leadership, selected from among the following options:

NUR 37900 Nursing Genomics  
NUR 38000 Nursing in Emergent Situations  
NUR 38200 Epidemiology  
NUR 38300 Population-Based Maternal and Child Health  
AHS 38400 Health Literacy and Patient Education  
AHS 38600 Complementary and Alternative Medicine  

Additional nursing elective courses under development.

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