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Student Learning Outcomes

Q: Why should I pursue my BSN if I am already working as an RN?
Achieving your BSN offers opportunities to advance your nursing career at the bedside as well as in nursing leadership positions. The BSN will provide you with the foundation to work with the healthcare team to attain optimal patient outcomes. To deliver the best nursing care in a transforming healthcare environment, current RNs who earn a BSN degree support the work of the collaborative healthcare team in achieving optimal health outcomes for patients, families, populations, and communities. As healthcare across the region and country continues to evolve, currently licensed and practicing RNs can remain competitive in the employment market by advancing their education and earning a BSN. Healthcare employers are increasingly expecting, and in many cases requiring, a BSN-level education to be considered for nursing positions.

Q: Why should I pursue my BSN while I am currently working on my Associate Degree in Nursing (Concurrent Enrollment)?
The Institute of Medicine’s Future of Nursing report calls for 80 percent of practicing RNs to be BSN-prepared by 2020. Earning your baccalaureate nursing degree will ready you for the challenges of the transforming healthcare environment and keep you competitive in the nursing job market. Pursuing your BSN as you complete your ADN readies you for the complexities of healthcare. The BSN allows you to stand out as a well-prepared applicant who is committed to nursing excellence as you seek to advance your nursing career.

Q: Why should I chose the Lindenwood University nursing program for my BSN completion?
Lindenwood University is committed to excellence in education, and the nursing program emphasizes the application of professional nursing concepts to nursing practice in a transforming healthcare environment. The innovative nursing curriculum encompasses the essential elements of baccalaureate nursing education standards as well as concepts based on the Institute of Medicine (IOM) Future of Nursing Report, the Quality and Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN) Project, and the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Q: What is unique about the courses in the Lindenwood University BSN program?
The Lindenwood BSN program is designed to focus on the future of nursing and healthcare and that is reflected in the unique curriculum emphasizing nursing professionalism, quality care and patient safety, interdisciplinary healthcare collaboration, and patient-centered care delivery.

Q: When will classes start?
RN-to-BSN students are admitted twice per year with classes beginning in August (fall start) and January (spring start). Concurrent-enrollment BSN students are admitted to the program every June (summer start).

Q: What is the format for the classes?
Nursing courses are taught in a hybrid format. This means that each class will be mostly online with two visits to the nursing campus for each class. Combining the social/peer and faculty support of face-to-face class sessions with the flexibility of online learning maximizes the work, life and school balance essential to success for adult students.

Q: Where is the nursing campus?
The School of Nursing and Allied Health Sciences building is located at Lindenwood's St. Charles campus, 209 S. Kingshighway, St. Charles, Mo.

Q: What is the timeframe for each class?
Most nursing classes will be taught in eight weeks as opposed to the entire 16-week semester. This allows the student to focus on one or two classes at a time each semester. General education courses are taught over both 8 and 16 weeks, depending on the course and term.

Q: Will my previous courses transfer?
BSN students must be licensed RNs who have earned an associate or diploma certificate in nursing or are currently enrolled and in good academic standing in a basic nursing program. Each student will receive a minimum of 35 nursing credit hours as transfer for nursing courses. General education courses will be individually evaluated for transferability from transcripts of previous coursework to satisfy general education requirements at Lindenwood University.

Q: How long will it take to get my degree?
Students can complete the nursing coursework in as few as five semesters. Completion of the full degree will depend on each student’s unique mix of general education credit needs and will be evaluated on an individual basis during the application process. A faculty advisor will create a plan of study upon request that can provide a more precise estimate of timing for degree completion.

Q: What is the cost of my education at Lindenwood University?
Cost of degree completion will vary depending on several factors, including the number of general education courses remaining in your degree plan, potential reimbursement from your employer, etc. A number of scholarships and financial incentives are available to RN to BSN completion students. Contact admissions/financial aid to talk about creating an affordable plan to complete your degree.

Q: Who do I contact at Lindenwood University to apply and get enrolled?
For more information about the RN to BSN program, please contact our nursing admissions specialist, Lynn Achurch, at (636) 949-4419 or You may also apply online by filling out the Lindenwood Application.

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