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Public Affairs and Administration

Welcome to the Department of Public Affairs and Administration at Lindenwood University. If you're interested in an exciting career in politics, public service, or international relations, our department has the perfect degree program for you!

Degree Programs Offered

The department offers the following major degree programs:

The department also offers the following minor programs:

The department offers the following undergraduate certificate program:

The department additionally offers the following online graduate program:

Interested in becoming a lawyer? Visit this page for more information on how to adapt your coursework at Lindenwood to prepare you for law school.

Our Faculty

Our department represents a variety of scholarly interests in this research area. 

  • For more information about Economics or Political Science, please contact Joe Cernik,
  • For more information about International Relations, please contact Dale Walton,
  • For more information about Public Administration or the Masters of Public Administration, please contact Jeanie Thies,

Life as an Economics/IR/Political Science/Public Administration Major

What's it like to be a major in the Public Affairs and Administration department? Learn more about the extracurricular events and groups you can be a part of here at Lindenwood.

Jobs in Public Affairs and Administration

What can you do with a BA in Economics, IR, Political Science, or Public Administration? Read more about careers in these areas here. 

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