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BA and Minor degrees offered in Traditional formats

The Department of Religion offers a Bachelor of Arts in Religion, a Bachelor of Arts in religion - Christian thought emphasis and a Bachelor of Arts in religion - comparative religion emphasis. The department also offers minors in art and religion, Catholic studies, religion, and philosophy of religion.

Through the Department of Religion, Lindenwood students have the opportunity to study religion from a nonsectarian, academic point of view. The goal of the study of religion is not to promote or undermine religion or any particular religious tradition; an academic approach to religion aims to understand critically the power, prevalence, and relevance of religion in many cultures and aspects of life. The religion program may be used as a basis for graduate work in academic study and research, as preparation for religious training, or as background and support for other business and professional careers.

Bachelor of Arts in Religion with an Emphasis

Lindenwood University offers you the opportunity to earn degrees in religion with an emphasis. A bachelor of arts in religion with a comparative religion emphasis is another option.

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