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BA and Minor degrees offered in Traditional formats

If you have a mind that wants to understand, a voice that wants to speak, and the drive to chase down the corners of a problem, then you can benefit from studying religion at Lindenwood University.

Do you find yourself asking classical questions like: “What does it mean to be a human being?” Are you interested in exploring the diversity of human history and cultures? Do you have a passion for promoting understanding and dialogue in our truly global community? If you answered “yes” to one or more of these questions, then studying religion at Lindenwood University could be for you.

The Lindenwood University Department of Religion offers you both breadth and depth in the academic study of religion. You will have the opportunity discuss and debate some of the most profound existential questions of human existence with instructors who have spent their careers studying the world’s religions. You will also be in the classroom with students from many religious traditions and numerous nations from around the world. Your critical intelligence will constantly be tested and developed, along with your ability to empathize with your fellow human beings in order to understand their religious perspectives.

But most importantly, you will be involved in the study of the ideas and beliefs that are behind and beneath every other discipline in higher education; if you come to an understanding of human religiosity, you will understand yourself, your neighbor, and your world. The study of religion is not easy by any means and is not interested in describing an ultimate reality or absolute truth. When you study religion, you will begin to understand and describe the phenomena of religion by using the information available from fields like anthropology, art, history, literature, philosophy, psychology, sociology, theology, and more. When you use this information, the study of religion will begin to show you the role and importance of religion in cultures around the world.

Degree Programs Offered

The department offers the following major degree programs:

The department also offers the following minor programs:

Our Faculty

Our department represents a variety of scholarly interests in religious studies, all of which you get a chance to learn about when you're a Religion major. Visit this page to learn a bit more about who your teachers are, and what they've been up to lately.

Life as a Religion Major

What's it like to be a Religion major? Learn more about the extracurricular events and groups you can be a part of here at Lindenwood.

Jobs in Religion

What can you do with a BA in Religion? Fortunately, Religion is a degree program adaptable to quite a few careers. Read more about careers in Religion here.

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