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The fourteenth issue of The Confluence. A regional studies journal published by Lindenwood University Press.

"In Defense of the Faith: The Catholic Response to Anti-Catholicism in Early Nineteenth-Century St. Louis"

by Sarah Hinds

One side effect of the Second Great Awakening was a rise in anti-Catholic sentiment, especially as new Catholic immigrants arrived in the 1840s. While much is written on this nativism, little examines the Church’s response. Sarah Hinds uses St. Louis as a case study for understanding the nature of antebellum nativism and the Church’s responses.

Lyman Beecher
The Know Nothings
Ancient Order of Irish Hibernians
American Home Missionary Society & Records

"So Much to Learn: Understanding Missouri’s Landscape—The Early Years of the Missouri Conservation Commission"

by Quinta Scott

In this second article of a two-part series, Quinta Scott examines the impact of Aldo Leopold on the formation of the Missouri Conservation Commission and his role in shaping Missouri’s views on the landscape.

The Aldo Leopold Archives, University of Wisconsin
The Leopold Project, Oregon State University
Missouri Department of Conservation

"Katherine Dunham’s Mexican Adventure"

by Theodore W. Cohen

Katherine Dunham was an internationally recognized dancer, but her time in Mexico often gets short mention in biographies. Theodore Cohen looks at her Mexican years in the contexts of race in both Mexico and the United States.

Katherine Dunham Centers for Arts and Humanities
The Institute for Dunham Technique Certification
Katherine Dunham Timeline, Library of Congress


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