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The awards for the fifth annual Student Research Conference were presented at the event on Wednesday, April 19, 2017. Congratulations to all of the winners!

The fifth annual Lindenwood University Student Research Conference (SRC) was held on April 19, 2017. Faculty judges selected the best undergraduate and graduate projects from the seven Academic Schools represented.

Undergraduate and graduate first-place awardees received $200, and second-place awardees at both levels received $75. Guests at the Conference had the opportunity to vote for and decide the winner of the Alpha Chi "People's Choice" Award. This $150 award is funded by the Lindenwood chapter of the Alpha Chi National College Honor Society. $2,075 in monetary prizes was awarded to first- and second-place winners.

The 2017 SRC award winners are:


School of Accelerated Degree Programs

1st: McKenzie A. Frey, "Wishing it Was Any Other Day but Today, With You"

2nd: Dane Gasparovic, "Route to Isolation"


School of Arts, Media, and Communications

1st: Rachel Jagust, "Atelier: Intended Customer Profile"

2nd: Abigail Mrachko, "The Nature and Location of the Business"


Belleville Campus

1st: Quinisa Grant, "Helping Behavior as a Function of Weight and Pregnancy Status"

2nd: Kylie Walker, Jorge Pizzati, Karli Langley, and Brodyn Keeran, "Interdimensional Emporium & Gifts"


School of Education

1st: Amy Shapiro, "Looking Past the Disability to Celebrate the Ability"

2nd: Lauren Gygi, "An Experiment in Flipped Classrooms"


School of Health Sciences

1st: Paula Costa, "Body Composition, Bone Density, Metabolic Rate and Dietary Intakes of Collegiate Synchronized Swimmers"

2nd: Bradley Geiske, "Fluid Intelligence in Sport: The Sport-Based Fluid Intelligence Test (SBFIT)"


School of Humanities

1st: Ted Coullet, "I am 'The Other'"

2nd: Natelle Kruse-Milum, Rachel Sinclair, Molly Hamilton, Karlee Bulla, Jacquelyn Olimpio, "Chaucer's Women: A Look at Femininity in the Canterbury Tales"


School of Sciences

1st: Krystia Grembocki, "The Impact of Restricting a Jury's Access to Visual Information About a Defendant"

2nd: Cosette Leblanc, "Correlation Between Spirituality and Successful Aging"


Alpha Chi People's Choice Award

Colin Cernik, "Modeling Optimal Velocity for Competitive Distance Running"


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