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The awards for the sixth annual Student Research Conference were presented at the event on Wednesday, April 18, 2018. Congratulations to all of the winners!

The sixth annual Lindenwood University Student Research Conference (SRC) was held on April 18, 2018. Faculty judges selected the best undergraduate and graduate projects from the seven Academic Schools represented.


The 2018 SRC award winners are:


School of Accelerated Degree Programs

Undergraduate: Colleen Murphy, "Taking the Service Road"

Graduate: Aslan Demir, "Cell Number 77"


School of Arts, Media, and Communications

Undergraduate: Morgan Brockmiller, "From Casting to Production: Outlining a Process for a New Work of Art"


Plaster School of Business 

Undergraduate: Colleen Corba, "Go Green"

Graduate: Carlos Cabral, "A Quantitative Analysis on the Effect of Drug Approvals in Pharmaceutical Stock Prices and Volatilities"


School of Education

Graduate: Shannon Steimel, "Overcoming Barriers to Equitable Technology Integration in Schools"


School of Health Sciences

Graduate: Patrick Harty, "Rapid-Phase Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption Following a Damaging Plyometric Exercise Bout in Resistance Trained Males"

Undergraduate: Hannah Finchamp, "Bilateral Popliteal Artery Entrapment Syndrome: Predisposing Factors, Diagnosis, and Surgical Intervention"


School of Humanities

Undergraduate: Cristal Campocasso, "Ganando espacio?"


School of Sciences

Undergraduate: Shelbi Koelling, "Analysis of Caffeine in Blood Serum Samples"


Alpha Chi People's Choice Award

Tara Nolkemper & Jenny Holbrook, "Investigation of 4,2' Pyridine-2-Mercaptopyrimidine Glycosides"


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