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The below information provides answers to common questions regarding the Game Center at the Library and Academic Resources Center at Lindenwood University. Additional questions can be sent to Michael Fetters.

About the Gaming Lab

The Gaming Lab opened in August, 2017, on the third floor of the LARC building.

What are your hours of operation?

The hours of operation are available on the Lindenwood Library website. Check the About the Library menu.

Who pays for the Gaming Lab? How long have you been open?

We are funded by the Lindenwood University Library, and are part of the library. We have a budget to purchase new games and titles throughout the year.

Do you take donations?

Yes, we accept donations of games and equipment. If you have any questions about what materials we are currently accepting, you can email us at Any donations may be dropped off in person at the Gaming Lab, or shipped to the below address:

Lindenwood University Library
Gaming Lab
209 S. Kingshighway
Saint Charles, MO 63301

Common Game Circulation Questions

Can I rent out a game or piece of equipment?

Many games at the Gaming Lab can be checked out for one day per check out, and are due two hours after the library opens the next day. However, some games may be placed on Reserve for use in game design courses currently being taught on campus. Such games can only be used on our consoles within the Gaming Lab.

Game consoles may not be checked out of the library, but use of them may be reserved. Reservations are limited to 1 hours per reservation, and 5 hours per month for an individual. See our Game Loan Policy for more information on game console reservations.

Can I bring in my own games, controllers, or equipment?

Yes. Our consoles stay in-house, but you may bring in your own materials to use with our equipment. To avoid confusion, please notify staff whenever you bring your own items into the Gaming Lab.

Are we allowed to save game data to our own accounts on your consoles?

No, please do not add your own accounts to our PS4 and Xbox One systems. Because each system has a strict limit of 100 user accounts over its lifetime, adding additional accounts beyond those we created is not permitted. Additionally, saved games are periodically deleted throughout the semester, so if you desire to continue with your saved games, it is advised to bring your own external flash drive or hard drive.

About Our Collection and Game Selection

When will you get x, y, and z?

While we do pre-order many big titles, all of our games are catalogued and searchable via our online catalogue. As a general rule, from the time a game is released, if it was selected for purchase, it will be at least a month before it arrives and is available for check out.

Why don’t you have x, y, or z?

In a perfect world, we would own a copy of every game, but we don’t live in a perfect world. Sadly, space limits and practical concerns limit what we currently have available. If the title you are interested in is newer, see our answer above. If it is an older title, you may make game requests using our online form. However, there is no guarantee we will acquire it. The decision to acquire a game is based on many factors, including academic value, cultural importance, popularity, and so forth. Any questions regarding this process can be sent to Michael Fetters

What are your policies regarding game soundtracks?

Soundtracks often come with games as a bonus feature. We have separated these from the games and made them available to check out and use within the Media Center. As with other library materials, it is up to you to follow copyright procedures, so please do not download songs onto your own equipment.

About Working in the Gaming Lab

Do you get paid to work here?

Yes, everyone who works here gets paid to do so.

Can I work here?

Outside of the permanent positions in the Media Center, we also utilize graduate assistants and undergraduate students in the library. Most graduate assistants who work in the Media Center also work in other areas of the library. These positions become available as students graduate. If you are interested in working for the library, contact Lisa Young or Elizabeth MacDonald and mention your interest in the Media Center.  Positions can be applied for on the Student Worker Program webpage.  

We need another person to play this game with us. Can a staff member join us?

Unfortunately, staff members are not permitted to play while on duty. We must be available to welcome and assist other users as they come in.

Lindenwood University
209 S. Kingshighway
St. Charles, MO 63301