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Government Documents

**Lindenwood Library will no longer house hard copy government documents in the library.**

Why would you want to access and use the information available in a government document?

The United States government has always been the keeper of information, and even though most only think of the government when it comes to census time or when it is time to do taxes, a government site has so much more information to offer when needing information for a research project.

Often times while researching, there will be a need for statistical information to complete an assignment. Also, there may be a need to obtain congressional hearings, census information or even documents created by the United Nations.

Upon using and searching the information available by way of a government document page, you will soon find many uses for government documents.

For example, you are interested in finding out where wine is mostly produced in the world. Well, a Situation and Outlook report would be one of the best sources of information regarding this question.  

Simply click on the link to access the report: World Wine Situation and Outlook, April 2005 

If you have any questions regarding government documents, please call the reference desk at (636) 949-4144 and someone will be able to assist you.

For help citing government documents, read the MLA citation rules

Learn to use and cite government documents in your research:




          United Nations

US Congress

  • Congressional Serial Set

The Federal Judiciary


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