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Submit Thesis

Steps for submission of theses to the Library

  1. Student must successfully complete the degree requirements as defined by their respective department. 
  2. Student must present one electronic copy in .pdf format to the Technical Services Librarian at the Library in order that the University retains an archived copy. Additionally, the student must submit 2 hard copies of his or her thesis according to departmental specifications to the Technical Services Librarian at the Library. Both the electronic and hard copy versions of the thesis must include signature pages. 
  3. The Technical Services Librarian will notify the Dean of Library Services that both the electronic and hard copy has been received. The Dean will then notify the appropriate department that the above steps have been taken, and at that time the degree will be posted. The library must receive both the electronic and paper copies of the thesis before the degree will be posted.
  4. One bound hard copy will be returned to the student and one bound hard copy will be cataloged and placed on the shelf at the Library.
  5. If the student would like additional hard copies, they will be billed for each additional copy.
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