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Writing Proficiency Assessment

Official Lindenwood Graduation Requirement

Writing Proficiency Exam (WPA) Information

The WPA is an exam that measures the level of a student’s writing proficiency; a student is required to take this test in order to graduate. In order to take the test, a student must have either completed both ENG15000 and ENG17000, or transferred credits equivalent to these classes. These classes must be completed, with the grades on your transcript, in order to take the WPA; you may not take the WPA while still enrolled in one of these classes.

If you do not pass the WPA, you will be required to the ENG21000. There are no re-takes for the WPA.

How to sign up for the WPA

Signing up for the WPA is done through your student portal. If you are eligible to take the WPA, you will receive a popup that tells you how to sign up for the WPA. Please make sure that you have your pop-up blocker turned off, and that you are accessing your portal through Chrome.

If you have testing accommodations, and wish to use them to take the WPA, you will need to email Laura Reilly at in order to make an appointment to take the WPA in the writing center; you will not be able to use your accommodations during the general WPA session.

The WPA will be offered at different times during the school year. When these dates have been determined and posted, you will receive an email in your student email account alerting you of this.

Steps for Registering for the WPA

  1. Log into your portal.
  2. Click “register” on the popup box that reminds you to take the WPA. Clicking on “register” will take you to your class registration page, along with a list of “classes” that are different dates for the WPA.
  3. Choose the class with the time and date that works best for you.
  4. Register for the “class” that works best for your schedule.
  5. Make sure to follow the special instructions provided when you register.


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