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WPA Frequently Asked Questions

Am I ready to take the WPA?

You must successfully pass (C or better) ENG 150 Composition I and ENG 170 Composition II at Lindenwood OR transfer in credits with passing grades (C or better). Refer to the Transfer Equivalencies link in your Student Portal.

Did I already take this assessment?

Check your transcript. If you took and PASSED the WPA, you will see this on the transcript:
COL 18000 Writing Proficiency Assessment 0.00 P
COL 18001 Writing Proficiency Standard Passed 0.00 P
If you took and FAILED the WPA, you will see this on the transcript:
COL 18000 Writing Proficiency Assessment 0.00 I

Can I take it a second time?


When will I get the results?

It takes two weeks for the results to be processed and reviewed. You will be notified within two weeks through the email address you provide when you log into the assessment system.
Notations are posted to the transcripts at the end of the semester.

What is the test about? How long will it take?

The test takes about two hours from the time you arrive, including checking in, receiving directions, logging in to the writing program, and writing the essay. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to the test time.
Students write a persuasive essay in response to the given prompt. You will have 15 minutes to prewrite and 40 minutes to type your essay into the writing program.
You may NOT use any outside sources – pre-written essays or Internet sources are not permitted. Students who cheat on the assessment by using Microsoft Word, the Internet, or any other outside source will automatically fail the Writing Proficiency Assessment.
Consider the topic carefully, and think about your thesis statement and about the main ideas that you will discuss to support your thesis. You may use first person. Consider also how you will organize the main ideas. Be sure to use specific examples and/or relevant reasons to support your ideas. Be sure to include an introduction, a conclusion, and solid paragraphs.
Your essay will be evaluated for its overall quality. Overall quality includes how well the essay addresses the topic and how well it organizes, supports, and expresses the main ideas. Varied sentence structure, accurate word usage, and correct spelling, punctuation, and capitalization all contribute to the overall quality of the writing.

When can I reserve seats?

You must reserve a seat online at least 24 hours prior to the test date. Students without reservations will not be tested.

What should students bring to the WPA?

Please bring something to write with and your Lindenwood ID. If you do not have an Lindenwood ID, please bring a photo ID and your student number.

Where is the WPA held?

The WPA is held in the Spellmann Computer Lab.

What should I do if I need to change or miss my appointment?

You may cancel an appointment up to 24 hours prior to the test date.

Please email the coordinator, or simply drop the WPA reservation from your schedule. 

Students who miss two appointments without notice will have to take the WPA the following semester.

Can I use my current accommodations?

Yes. You may not take it during the regularly scheduled sessions. Please contact Laura Reilly to set up an appointment. The accommodations must already be on file with the Lindenwood accommodations officer.
Students who choose not to use their accommodations may not retake the WPA.

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