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Women Earning Advanced Degrees Attain Management Positions

Recent studies have found that women are now earning more advanced degrees than are men, and are applying to graduate school programs in ever-growing numbers.

February 13, 2014

Recent studies have found that women are now earning more advanced degrees than are men, and are applying to graduate school programs in ever-growing numbers. Their career destinations—whether in corporate life, education, or the public sector—are varied, but they often decide to get a graduate degree to become upper-level managers, choosing areas such as business administration, leadership, and non-profit and public administration.

That’s very good news for organizations, from large corporations to small businesses. Women who earn advanced degrees bring a variety of tangible benefits to their companies.

  • Greater gender diversity at the corporate level has been linked to a healthier bottom line for many companies, according to several studies. Companies who have women in top management positions or in board of direction positions enjoy a greater profit margin and have greater control of their investments.
  • Leveraging education to advance in management is now the goal for many women. MBA and Leadership masters’ degrees are popular choices that propel a woman’s economic and career progression. Organizations benefit by having a wider, more diverse pool of applicants to place in positions where they will make the most impact.
  • Not only are general MBAs offered by most colleges and universities, so are MBAs with a specific emphasis—such as human resources, leadership, and operations management. These specialized degrees allow students to become authorities in their fields and then use that expertise to improve their companies’ operation and growth.
  • Women with advanced degrees—in more creative fields and those that are more in line with traditional business—are often seen as the innovators of their companies. Innovation changes the way that we live and work, drives economic and job growth, and helps people achieve healthier lives. Studies have shown that female managers foster innovation in their departments particularly well.

Women with advanced degrees also are more likely to enter fields like public administration and non-profit administration so that they can shape the future of government, schools, and organizations that focus on helping people.

Earn an Advanced Degree Online

If you’re thinking of earning a master’s degree to move into a new field or to advance to a management or executive position, but are worried about juggling work, family and school, consider an online program. They offer:

  • Accessibility. You can log on and view your class work or take tests from anywhere, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Convenience. If you are unable to attend a traditional classroom program due to your work or family schedule, online degrees remove that barrier and allow you to complete your homework and tests at any time. Your coursework can be completed on a full-time or part-time schedule, too.
  • Choices. There are many online options for broad-based and specialized graduate business, education, and management degrees. Be sure to pick a university that is continuously accredited and uses experienced faculty.

Lindenwood University Online offers seven online advanced degrees for those on the management track, including broad and specialized MBAs, an MA in Non Profit Administration, and an MPA in Public Administration. Contact us by filling out an information form or call us today at 636-373-7719. Let us help you get started as you progress through your career.

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