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Institutional Effectiveness Academy

The mission of the Institutional Effectiveness Academy is 1) to strengthen our university’s efforts at continuous improvement by engaging members of the Lindenwood community in assessment-related and other action projects; 2) to improve student learning by promoting collaborative problem-solving and the sharing of ideas, expertise, and findings; and 3) to increase institutional capacity by facilitating successful execution of proposed action projects via institutional support.


A program of the Office of Institutional Effectiveness

Examples of Possible Action Projects:

  1. Devising strategies for improving any low ratings of items noted in the surveys of our Culture of Continuous Improvement document
  2. Curriculum mapping
  3. Creating a comprehensive “Closing the Loop” document
  4. Creating interdisciplinary Faculty or Staff Learning Networks to share data, study a book, or carry out some other activity to improve the University
  5. Creating optimal avenues for sharing institutional data (NSSE, SSI, Gallup, First Destination Survey, etc.)
  6. Working on achieving NILOA’s Excellence in Assessment Designation (
  7. Updating Lindenwood’s Institutional Assessment Plan
  8. Developing a Shared Assessment Language document
  9. Using Canvas as a tool for facilitating our assessment efforts
  10. Enhancing our co-curricular assessment efforts
  11. Creating and implementing a Lindenwood Assessment Conference

Current Action Projects:

  1. Developing a model for integrating assessment, planning, and budgeting (David Wilson, Team Leader; 2016-17 project)
  2. Assessment initiatives aimed at improving student retention – Lindenwood’s Partnership with Ruffalo Noel Levitz (Christie Rodgers, Team Leader; 2016-17: first year of partnership)
  3. President’s Retention Action Group (Christie Rodgers, Team Leader; 2016-17 project)
  4. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion – priorities for action (2016-17 project)
  5. Faculty/Staff Learning Network (focus on Linda Suskie assessment text) (Beth Kania-Gosche, Team Leader; 2016-17 project) 
  6. School of Health Sciences Teaching Initiative (Jessica Randolph, Team Leader; Spring 2017 Project)
  7. National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment (NILOA) Excellence in Assessment Designation (Beth Kania-Gosche, Team Leader; 2017-2018 project)

How can you participate in the Lindenwood Institutional Effectiveness Academy?

Brainstorm with colleagues (both faculty and staff inside and outside of your department) about a feasible project that would make a difference to students at Lindenwood. Please complete the brief application process (see Application Form).  Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis. 

Expectations of Participants:

  1. Project teams will meet regularly and collect evidence of their activities.   Teams will submit such evidence quarterly.
  2. Team Leaders of ongoing Action Projects will meet quarterly to share project issues and findings to date.
  3. At the completion of an Action Project, the team will be expected to present its findings/outcomes in an Academy Forum held on campus and will be encouraged to also present its work externally (e.g., conference presentation), whenever feasible. 

Benefits of Participating in the Lindenwood Institutional Effectiveness Academy:

  1. Action Projects will receive institutional support via the Office of Institutional Effectiveness.
  2. Action Projects will help advance the university's efforts at continuous improvement.
  3. A permanent roster of Institutional Effectiveness Academy participants, projects, and outcomes will be maintained on the Office of Institutional Effectiveness website.
  4. Participants will receive special recognition at a luncheon held each spring where senior administrative leadership will be in attendance.
  5. Participating in the Institutional Effectiveness Academy can serve as a noteworthy achievement in annual Performance Evaluations.  
  6. External presentations at conferences or similar events add to a participant’s CV and provide positive public relations for Lindenwood University.  

Questions about the Academy?  Contact:

David Wilson, Associate Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness/Chief Assessment Officer Memorial Arts Building (MAB) 102,, (636) 949-4737


Lindenwood University
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St. Charles, MO 63301