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Research Ethics Education, Narrative, and Media

Research Ethics Education at Lindenwood University

The IRB and its partners at Lindenwood University are currently active in producing tools and resources for introducing researchers, IRB Members, and community partners to human research ethics. These tools include:

  • Innovative IRB Member training programs and resources
  • Resources and conversations for researchers
  • Classroom-based instructional tools

Lindenwood University IRB Conversation Series


A conversation with Butler Library about health literacy as an important personal, research participant, and civil rights issue.


A conversation with the IRB Director about lessons learned in Education research ethics and design. We also talk about thinking of research design as a story.

  • IRB Member Conversation - Dr. Alan Meyers (coming soon...)

A conversation with a longstanding member of the Lindenwood University IRB about the history of the LU IRB, the unexpected benefits of being an IRB member, and the role of the community in research ethics.


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