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Make your resume stand out from the rest with University Honors.


If you complete all eight courses, you graduate with University Honors. 

  • This is how you stand out from the pack on your resume!
  • You’ll receive a special cord for your graduation robes, and should wear this any time you wear your robes in the future as well.
  • You’ll be recognized at the Honors Awards Ceremony by President Shonrock personally.

Active membership also allows you to register for classes early (one week before seniors). In order to be eligible for early enrollment, students must be either registered for an honors-only course or complete a course with an honors project. In the case of honors projects, students must successfully complete the course first and receive an AH, and then will be fully admitted to the Honors College and thus eligible for early enrollment each term. To maintain early enrollment eligibility thereafter, students must complete four honors courses by their junior year and six by their senior year. 

You are allowed to enroll in honors-only courses, which are capped at 20 students, and utilize more interesting texts, activities, and discussions.

The honors courses you arrange to take with a particular professor allow you to engage closely with mentors:

  • Scholarship at a deeper and more engaging level
  • The development of writing samples or other projects for graduate school applications
  • Future letters of recommendation
  • Giving your professors a pleasant reason to wake up in the morning.

You have access to special honors-only study abroad opportunities that include an honors-only waiver for the Lindenwood study abroad fee.

You have the potential for membership in Honors Society, the student club for honors students.

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