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SEVIS I-901 Fee

Can someone pay the fee for me?
Yes. You may have a relative, friend or even a school or program sponsor pay the fee for you. If you are paying from overseas and you do not have access to the payment methods described in this website, you may find it easier to have someone in the United States pay the fee for you. If someone else fills out the form for you, be sure you give them a copy of your Form I-20/DS-2019 or the information from the form. Whoever fills out the form will need your personal information exactly as it appears on this document.

How can the fee be paid?
1. The fee can be paid by mail using Form I-901 together with a check or money order drawn on a U.S. bank and payable in U.S. dollars
2. The fee can be paid electronically by completing Form I-901 through the Internet and using a credit card.

How can someone else pay the fee for me?
By Mail:
If you want to have someone in the U.S. pay the fee on your behalf, send them either a copy of your completed Form I-901 or provide them with the information needed to complete the Form I-901 for you.

The person who pays your fee must attach the copy of your Form I-901 to the payment they submit. The Form I-901 and payment cannot be accepted if mailed separately. If a copy of your Form I-901 is not attached to the payment, we will be unable to determine for whom the fee was paid, and your payment will be returned to you based on the address provided.

Over the Internet:
You may also have someone pay your fee on-line. The person who pays the fee for you may complete the Form I-901 on-line and pay by credit card or check according to the instructions on this Web site. Be sure you provide the correct personal and school or exchange visitor program information to the person who completes the Form I-901 for you.

When Can I Get My Visa and/or Enter the U.S.?
The SEVIS fee must be paid and fully processed before the applicant arrives at the consulate for the visa interview.

A receipt will be sent by mail to the address that you indicate with your payment. Further, for those that pay the SEVIS fee on-line, a payment confirmation can be printed out immediately after the payment is made, and used as a receipt until the mailed receipt is received.

For more detailed information on the fee payment process, go to the SEVP website.

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