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Secure File Transfer

Students who are required to complete verification of their FAFSA must submit their sensitive electronic documents (such as Verification Worksheets, Tax Return Transcripts, W2's, birth certificates, etc.) to the Secure File Transfer system below. The Secure File Transfer service accepts PDF and Microsoft Office Word documents and stores the documents with strong encryption that protects personal information from theft. When using this system DO NOT password protect the documents because they cannot be opened internally.

*Note: Images cannot be accepted.

Submit File to Student Financial Services Upload Folder

When submitting files to the Secure File Transfer it is imperative that the following protocol is met. Before dropping any document into the Secure File Transfer system save each document as the student last name, student first name, and the student ID. This will allow the Verification Department to expedite the process by matching the correct document(s) to the correct student. After dropping the document(s) into the Secure File Transfer system enter the student’s Lindenwood email address and select “Upload”.

*Note: Submitting documents by e-mail is no longer accepted due to security reasons.




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