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Your connection to Lindenwood doesn’t end with graduation. Keeping in touch with your alma mater creates a mutually beneficial relationship that can last a lifetime.

Your biggest question now is probably, “Why stay connected with Lindenwood?”

  1. Alumni Programs – Like most colleges and universities, Lindenwood has an alumni association and office that focuses on keeping graduates connected. Whether you're a recent graduate or earned your diploma several years ago, it's a good idea to reach out to the Lindenwood University Alumni Office and register with your contact information. That way you'll be able to take advantage of the benefits associated with being an alumnus or alumna.
  2. A Way to Keep in Touch – Being a part of the Lindenwood University Alumni Association gives you a chance to keep in touch with classmates with whom you might have lost contact. In addition to helping you maintain personal relationships, the Alumni Association can also assist you in creating professional relationships through networking opportunities.
  3. Events – The Alumni Association plans more than just Homecoming, Reunion, and Parents’ Weekend. Check out the calendar of events to see if there’s something up your alley. You can also get discounts to games, shows, and so much more with your alumni benefits card.
  4. Career Services – At Lindenwood, we are always striving to provide more robust career services not only to our students, but also to alums. Check out what we offer today and come back to see what we’ve added tomorrow.
  5. Making Lindenwood Better – Give us your feedback and support to help make the changes you want to see at Lindenwood. Every dollar, every hour, every conversation you spend on Lindenwood not only helps Lindenwood to grow, but also increases the value of your diploma.
This is where you can find the information to connect with Lindenwood in any way you choose and at any level of involvement you wish. Feel like catching up on what’s going on with the campus? Check out our online versions of all alumni publications and links to student publications. Want to see who’s winning awards for being great alumni? Check out the awards section for Athletic Hall of Fame Inductees and Alumni Merit Award Winners. Want to volunteer your time at Lindenwood or in the surrounding community? Check out the volunteer section for opportunities.

We are glad you’re back!

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