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What Lindenwood Can Do For You

1970 Tree SwingingYou’re here because you want to know what Lindenwood’s Alumni Relations Office can do you for.  Well, we won’t be doing your dry cleaning, but if you look below or to your left, you’ll find lots of other ways we can assist you.

Check out the Alumni Association to see what the Alumni Board is working on, what groups are available to join, and what benefits and discounts you can get on campus, around town, and across the U.S. with an Alumni Benefits Card.

If you’re looking for resume help, job postings, or other career-related help, check out the career services section. Career networking opportunities continue to grow, so check back often.

Looking for a way to wear your school spirit proudly?  Check out the Alumni Merchandise section for LU-branded clothing, hats, bags, stickers, mouse pads—you name it.  If we don’t have it, just let us know, and we’ll see what we can do.

Really want to see what’s been going on around campus and with other alums?  Check out the online versions of our alumni publications—Connection and LindenBark.

Feeling altruistic and want to spend your time helping others?  We can help with that too.  Visit the Volunteer area for opportunities at Lindenwood and in surrounding communities.   

If you have ideas for new services the Alumni Office can provide, drop us a line, give us a ring, or stop by our office.  We’ll be happy to look into it.  (Well, except doing your dry cleaning, but at least there’s a discount for that in the alumni benefits!)

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