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Art History

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The course of study in Art History at Lindenwood University is devoted to the study of visual materials, from painting and sculpture to photography and digital art. The department endeavors to give students a broad foundation in and critical understanding of visual culture in art historical context in a diverse selection of courses in the art of Europe and America, as well as the non-Western arts of Africa and Asia.

Students are taught to analyze works of art as products of the cultures in which they were created and to explore such questions as why the object was created, how it was made, who might have seen and appreciated it, and what it may mean to its owners and audiences.

Lindenwood’s courses place the methods and objectives of art history into their many contexts. Relationships among cultures over time, including our own, become apparent through the course of study. Students develop an appreciation for the innate desire to create that is basic to the human experience. They also hone their written, oral, and visual presentation skills.

Degrees offered:
BA Art History
Minor in Art History

For more information, contact:
Dr. James Hutson
Art History program manager
(636) 949-4863

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