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Student Counseling & Resource Center

The Student Counseling and Resource Center (SCRC) offers supportive services to students at the Lindenwood University-Belleville Campus through the Professional and School Counseling program.

For an appointment or more information, call (618) 239-6161.

The Counseling Department offers individual and group counseling sessions to Lindenwood Belleville students at the Student Counseling Resource Center (SCRC). The SCRC Gray House is located at 2025 West Main Street, across the street from Fischer’s Restaurant parking lot.

Personal Counseling is available to provide students with the tools to become self-starting and to develop coping mechanisms that enhance life skills and academic performance. Topics such as stress management, homesickness, coping skills, public speaking anxiety, test anxiety, conflict resolution, relationship issues, personality assessment, balancing school, work, and life are offered through personal counseling.

The SCRC has a special partnering with Academic Success Center.  These services seek to target students who are at risk of dropping out of school, or may be experiencing declining academic performance.   These students could be those who have been admitted conditionally or those who are on academic probation.

Psycho-educational programs and workshops in Freshman Experience class, undergraduate and graduate classes, and in the residence halls educate inform students of the services available.   

Various mental health, substance abuse and stress related awareness weeks and screenings are available throughout the academic year.

All contact, sessions and paperwork are protected by state and federal confidentiality laws and guidelines.  No information is released without written consent.  Strict confidentiality will be maintained except when such disclosure is necessary in order to protect the student or another person from harm, or when a court order is served.

All of these services are free to the students and are conducted on the Belleville campus during scheduled day and evening hours.  These services will be supervised by a licensed clinical professional counselor with a PhD in the mental health profession.



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