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Covering topics from crime rates and law enforcement to judicial systems and inmate rehabilitation, the bachelor of arts degree in criminal justice is one of the most thriving academic programs at Lindenwood University-Belleville.

You will learn from experienced faculty who are not only accomplished criminal justice researchers and professors, but who also know firsthand what it’s like to work in the field. They recognize the importance of gaining valuable work experience before you graduate, which is why you will be encouraged to choose from a wide variety of internship opportunities with local, state, and federal agencies.

Whether you decide to pursue a future as a lawyer, police or correctional officer, crime scene investigator, or private detective, the degree program in criminal justice will prepare you for an exciting career in any of these fields.

Lindenwood University-Belleville Criminal Justice Faculty

The criminal justice faculty at Lindenwood University-Belleville are published researchers and authors, honored judges, and accomplished law enforcement officials. You will benefit from their direct experience in the criminal justice field and their professional connections to local and state police departments, legal organizations, and forensics and investigation agencies. Lindenwood’s small class sizes ensure that you develop a close mentor relationship with professors who are dedicated to helping you succeed.

Earning a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Criminal Justice at Lindenwood University-Belleville

As a criminal justice major, you’ll take courses in criminal procedure, victimology, white collar crime, race, ethnicity, and gender, social deviance, and criminal law. Numerous internship opportunities are also available to criminal justice majors in a variety of different work settings. Internships are not only vital to building your resume before graduation, but they also introduce you to current professionals in the field and could lead to a job offering once you complete your degree. 

Earning a Minor in Criminal Justice at Lindenwood University-Belleville

Even if you choose to major in a different degree program, such as psychology or history, you may still be interested in adding a minor in criminal justice to your degree. A minor is simply a secondary academic subject to add to your knowledge, whether it is professional or personal interest.

The minor in criminal justice is 24 credit hours. You’ll take classes in criminal law, victimology, policing in American, and the juvenile justice system.

What to do with a Criminal Justice Degree

When you graduate with a degree in criminal justice, you’ll be ready for a career in a number of fields, including law enforcement officer, detective/investigator, probation officer, correctional treatment specialist, and forensic science technician. You’ll also have a firm foundation for continuing graduate studies in law and criminal justice.

The latest statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that police officers and criminal investigators typically earn an annual median salary of $60,270. Jobs for lawyers and legal assistants are expected to grow at a higher than average rate through 2024 with median salaries ranging from $50,000-$100,000+.

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