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Master of Science in Criminal Justice Administration

MS degrees offered in Evening/Quarter formats

Whether you are just starting out pursuing a career in law enforcement or you’re an experienced professional with years of service furthering the justice system, the master of science degree in criminal justice administration will prepare you to be an effective leader in this important career field.

Like many of our graduate students, you may already be a full-time employee, parent, spouse, or caretaker and wonder if you can add “full-time student” to your list of roles. At Lindenwood, going back to school doesn’t mean putting the rest of your life on hold. We understand your busy schedule and work with you one-on-one to meet your academic goals conveniently.

The master’s degree in criminal justice administration is one of our accelerated degree programs, which means you can earn your degree in as little as 18 months by attending class only one night a week. Our unique cluster format for classes allows you to earn credits at a faster rate while still gaining relevant, in-depth knowledge from real professionals in the field. You will get the quality education to take your career to the next level without sacrificing important family and personal time! 

Lindenwood University-Belleville Criminal Justice Faculty

The criminal justice faculty at Lindenwood University-Belleville are published researchers and authors, honored judges, and accomplished law enforcement officials. You will benefit from their direct experience in the criminal justice field and their professional connections to local and state police departments, legal organizations, and forensics and investigation agencies. Lindenwood’s small class sizes ensure that you develop a close mentor relationship with professors who are dedicated to helping you succeed.

Earning a Master of Science in Criminal Justice Administration

As a graduate student of criminal justice administration, you will take classes in personnel management, terrorism and homeland security, constitutional law, ethics, and police leadership. You will learn key skills to help you serve the public and effectively manage a detective agency, law enforcement department, correctional facility, or other government office.

What to do with a Graduate Degree in Criminal Justice Administration

Graduates who earn their MS in criminal justice administration typically go on to work as correctional officer managers, police and detective supervisors, criminologists, district attorney and attorney generals, criminal investigators, directors of court services, and emergency management directors.

An advanced degree often leads to higher salaries and access to top-level management jobs. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that supervisors of police and detectives earn a mean annual wage of nearly $86,000, with employees in the federal industry topping a six-figure salary.

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