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Students at Lindenwood University - Belleville are encouraged to take advantage of study abroad opportunities generated from both the Belleville and St. Charles campuses.

Students enrolled and in good standing at either campus can participate in a number of study abroad opportunities. Talk with your advisor about the best time to plan to study abroad.

Lindenwood University seeks to make available academically-based international experiences available to students in order to produce active, informed, and culturally aware global citizens. Our goal is to ...

  • develop and administer academically-based international programs with a commitment to quality, safety, and accessibility;
  • provide students with a high level of service, by assisting them in the selection of programs best suited to their needs and interests, preparing them to meet the challenges of an international experience, and providing them with affordable opportunities;
  • develop and uphold policies that minimize physical and psychological risk.

Students can study through:

  • Faculty-led courses for (usually) 10-14 days, offered between semesters, in late May, or during the summer;
  • One of the established semester abroad programs;
  • An established program supervised by another American college or university, with academic credits transferred back to Lindenwood; (See the Director of Study Abroad for more information.)
  • Independent study through an institution or agency that has been approved by appropriate Lindenwood faculty. (See the Directory of Study Abroad for more information.)

Fill out a study abroad application.

All students must be in good academic and financial standing to study abroad. Please see the Director of Study Abroad, Dr. Jo Ellen Kerksiek, (636) 627-2925, for further information.

For further information, view the links below:

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