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Chemistry Worksheets is a website where you can practice writing chemical formulas and balancing chemical equations using worksheets. After you complete the worksheet, you can check your answer.

Reaction Guide offers tips and study guides for organic chemistry.

English and Grammar goes over the parts of English and helps with grammar. It also allows you to take quizzes which help you with spelling, tenses, passive voice and articles. Handbook Handbook The Grammarly Handbook is great for learning the mechanics of writing. You can also find hints on organization and research for papers on this website.

Purdue OWL

The Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL) houses writing resources and instructional materials.

Math Placement Exam

2013 Sample Math Placement Exam

2012 Sample Math Placement Exam

Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha is a computational knowledge engine capable of breaking down and graphing math problems.

Khan Academy Statistics and Probabilities

Khan Academy offers a selection of videos that cover concepts in Statistics and Probabilities

Lindenwood Belleville Graphing Handout

Textbook Resources

We have a selection of math textbooks that students may use while in the ASC. They include:

  • MTH 110 – Intermediate Algebra
  • MTH 141 – Basic Statistics
  • MTH 142 – Quantitative Methods for Business
  • MTH 151 – College Algebra

College Atlas

College Atlas gives you tips for organization, time management and memorizing. You can also get tips for specific subjects such as math, business, biology and more.

How to Study gives you tips on note taking, research, textbook reading and stress management. Another thing you can find is tips on how to handle test anxiety for different kinds of test like objective test or essay test.

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