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Lindenwood University partners with Google to give students access to the google apps for education email and collaboration tools. These services are available using your lionmail user id and password.

With Lionmail on Google, students have unlimited storage for E-mail and Files; as well as access to google apps for education tools. 

Free unlimited Storage

Store an unlimited number of any types of files, up to 5 TB each. You can store Google Docs, Microsoft Office files and more. And with Office Compatibility Mode, you can open and edit documents in their native formate. 

Learn more about Google Drive


Seamless Collaboration

Support student and faculty engagement with secure storage that delivers real-time, multi-user editing and syncing--available anywhere, any rime, on any device. 

Learn more about  Drive and other productivity tools


World-Class Data Security

Google systems are amongst the most secure in the world. Lindenwood University and Google are committed to absolute privacy and security of your data 

Learn more about Google security 

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