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Writing Placement Testing

Every student who enrolls at Lindenwood University will write a short essay for a Writing Assessment on enrollment day. For first time freshmen, this test is the WPE, which determines which composition class you’ll take; for transfer students who have completed six hours of composition course work, this exam is the WPA, which determines whether or not you need to take one additional writing class at Lindenwood.

What is the purpose of the Writing Placement Exam for first-time freshmen?

The Writing Placement system at Lindenwood University is designed to assess students’ skills before they enroll in their first college-level writing course. The placement exam determines whether students are placed in ENG 110: Effective Writing, an entry-level composition class that prepares students for ENG 150, or will skip ENG 110 and be placed directly in ENG 150: Strategies for University Writing.

Who takes the Writing Placement Exam?

The exam should be taken all first-time freshmen. If you have taken AP English for college credit or are transferring credits from another university and you have already completed writing/composition courses elsewhere, then you may be eligible to take the WPA, depending on your transfer credits.

When do I take the Writing Placement Exam?

Placement exams will be administered to all students attending the Admission Department’s open enrollment sessions. Students who cannot attend an enrollment session will complete the Writing Placement Exam after arriving on campus. Lindenwood students can enroll in a Writing Exam Session through their student portal registration.

What is the exam format?

The Writing Placement Exam is a timed essay test. Students are given 35-45 minutes (depending on the prompt) to respond to a specific question and type an essay in an online program. Once the student completes the essay, the writing is scored by a computer system and class placement is reviewed by faculty in the English department.

How can I prepare for the Writing Placement Exam?

Exams are evaluated based on basic essay-writing skills. These include grammar and punctuation, as well as clear organization of ideas, thesis statement, topic sentences, and support for your claims. Spellcheck is available. We are most interested in seeing how well you structure your argument and how clearly you present your ideas, given the time constraints.

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