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Do you have a gift card you don't plan to use? Give it to Lindenwood University Belleville and make sure it goes to a good cause.

Gifts have been opened, and the holiday season is winding down. Instead of letting your unwanted gift cards go to waste, why not donate them to Lindenwood using iDonate?

Gift cards can be sold through iDonate to directly benefit students at Lindenwood. It takes less than one minute to complete the process, which is fully tax deductible.

Donated gift cards must have a minimum balance of $15 and must be from an accepted company. The donated gift cards are resold on a market similar to the stock market, in which resale values of gift cards change per day and per brand name.

To donate your gift card, fill out the gift card information and your personal information. After those required fields have been completed, you will receive a thank you notification and confirmation page. It’s really that simple.

All proceeds from iDonate directly benefit students at Lindenwood, so your contributions stay at the university. You can donate your gift cards to the annual fund, scholarships, endowments, or athletics.


Lindenwood University
2600 West Main Street
Belleville, IL 62226