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Division of Humanities
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Prospective Students

The English major is a perfect fit for students who love to read, write, argue, and think deeply about the breadth of the human experience. The English Department offers an close-knit, welcoming environment that fosters community among its majors, minors, and faculty. Courses offer students a chance to learn the history and cultural context of the English language and its literature, which helps them better understand the world around them, from current events and politics to the latest Hollywood blockbuster. The major offers those who are passionate about their interests a chance to express that passion vigorously, as students acquire and improve their drafting, editing, polishing, refining, and analyzing skills while learning to present, defend, and persuade others of their ideas.

The skills honed by the English major position students for post-collegiate success in a variety of fields, including law, education, customer service, business, consulting, publishing, federal service, and management.

Student Testimonials

“Being an English major has taught me not only more about life, but about myself, as well.  Before majoring in English, I was never a fan of history, science, or politics; I only liked to read and write.  However, majoring in English made me realize that the subject of English does not stand alone in the world.  It is a manifestation of all aspects of life (including these subjects of history, science, and politics).  The classes I have taken for my English major here at LU have brought to light that the words we read and speak everyday carry so much intense history, and refusing to explore that history is an insult to your past.  Not only have I developed much better writing and researching skills, but I have become more analytical in various aspects and subjects of my life.  I have become much more curious about the world around me which, in turn, has taught me to appreciate life and education, as a whole.”
—Samantha O’Keefe, English Major, Class of 2014

 “I chose to study English because I wanted to study what I’m interested in, rather than study something that would make me miserable for four years. I’ve stuck with it because it’s never boring and it’s always challenging looking beyond what’s written on the page, but when I finally convey my ideas clearly in a paragraph, I feel a sense of accomplishment that you just can’t get anywhere else.
As we’re living in the age of the Internet, reading, interpreting, and above all writing and are becoming increasingly important skills to have, and in many jobs you’ll write every day of your career, whether it’s an email requesting information or even a police report.”
—Dan Stumpf, English Major, Class of 2014

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