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Division of Social and Behavioral Sciences
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Prospective Students

Do you want to understand why people act the way they do or want to help others have happy and fulfilling lives? Chances are you may have a passion for the field of psychology. As one of the most versatile degrees, gaining a bachelor's degree in psychology deepens your understanding about the workings of oneself and others and equips you with marketable and life-long skills — a tough combination to beat!

Students gain much of this learning by doing. In our department, students do not simply read about Freud, they read Freud. They do not just read about experiments, they do experiments. Not only do our psychology students hope to use this information in the future, but they actually apply it to their own lives right away

Our broad-based curriculum ensures that students walk away with a well-rounded sense of the fabulous field of Psychology — giving them a base for further graduate study or immediate application in the work world.

Student Testimonials

“What I enjoy most about being a psychology major is that you can apply it to almost everything you do and has application in where you go. There is always something new being sought after and there is always another “what if” around the corner. Psychology has been able to answer a lot of questions for me in my personal and professional life that [otherwise I would] have been unable to answer. If it doesn’t have the answer, I have the ability to go seek and find it out for myself. With Psychology, the possibilities never end, and I love possibility.“ M.T. 2013

“Being a Psychology major at Lindenwood University—Belleville is a great experience because you get one-on-one learning from professors. It has made me realize my love of psychology and my dreams to one day have a job in the field.” B.B. 2013

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