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Advertising, Public Relations: Corporate Communications

Students choosing the Advertising, Public Relations, and Corporate Communications major secure a broadly based practical preparation for careers managing a wide range of organizational communication functions.  They will be instructed by full-time and adjunct instructors who uniformly can claim both solid academic preparation and significant professional experience in the diverse disciplines and industries targeted by the major’s course requirements.

Students begin their study with a range of courses offering a firm grounding in the basic disciplines of creating and selecting content appropriate to the dizzying proliferation of interactive audio and digital media platforms: from broadcast radio and video to web page design.

Specifically, the curriculum offers theoretical and applied preparation for professional focus in the vital communications functions of advertising and public relations. Students are instructed in both the principles and practice of these professions in corporate, agency, and individual-consultant settings.

More generally, students are introduced to the evolving profession of organizational communications management in an interactive digital age. They are prepared to select and manage specific organizational communication content and messages across a variety of media platforms and in a range of organizational settings.

Throughout their course of study, students are required to hone their professional oral and written communication skills. At every level of preparation, students practice specialized skills appropriate to the increasingly diverse professional world, involving broadcast, print and electronic media, to which they will have to adapt in the coming years.

The School of Communication offers, as well, a broad range of opportunities for practical application of these skills to students majoring in Advertising, Public Relations, and Corporate Communication. They may pursue these opportunities in some of the region’s most technologically advanced radio, television, and interactive media facilities. Students are actively encouraged to practice their professional communication skills by creating content for a variety publications, broadcast programs, and interactive platforms sponsored by the university itself.

Students who excel in the major are invited to take advantage of internship opportunities in a variety of public relations, event management, non-profit, and governmental organizations and agencies throughout the region. The School of Communication faculty actively encourages undergraduate students to pursue these opportunities, which frequently lead to offers of full-time employment upon graduation.

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