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Alumni Spotlight

Kelsey Hahn - Class of 2013

Something that all four companies really noted and brought up was how well rounded I was …the interviewers liked that not only could I code and learn new code for the job, but I have design, 3D, video, audio skills etc.

I think being well-rounded was probably my biggest selling point at all of my interviews, alongside with being passionate about the job and wanting to learn more!

Daniel Hoenes – Class of 2012

Most of my time at Lindenwood was spent in the IMWD lab. There I learned from helpful professors, gained new skills through hard work, and made friends with other students while working on exciting projects. I wouldn't have had it any other way.

My favorite experience was being part of a learning community that encouraged me to strive for excellence - whether from my helpful professors or friends made in the lab.

Ben Graham – Class of 2011

Lindenwood for me created a special environment that fostered creativity and provided the means in which to succeed on the professional level. I still remember the moment it all clicked technically and creatively. When specifically working on a degree in Interactive Media, the atmosphere cultivated thinking outside of the box to produce a "wow" factor that is seldom seen amongst most other web designers today. I am thankful for going to Lindenwood because it not only gave me the tools for a real job but the professors are passionate about what they do and it shows in their teaching.

Amanda Blanc - Class of 2010

One of the biggest strengths of the program is the professors. Having dedicated professors who are passionate about what they are teaching and sharing the experiences they had in the field of design and multimedia is very inspiring to me as I look forward to my own career as a designer and hope that someday I can inspire people the same way.

The classes were enjoyable because all of it was hands on stuff as opposed to just sitting at a desk and listening to a lecture. All of the people are creative and fun and even if you didn't know everybody in your class there was a certain respect that everybody has for each other. I remember the long nights in the multimedia lab, or in the print lab trying to finish up last minute details on projects. Those times may have been grueling, but they definitely left me with lots of funny, memorable moments.

Briana David - Class of 2010

I would be nothing without the IMWD program. I have had opportunities to show how valuable Lindenwood made me by creating programs for our clients to use to submit orders by creating an Adobe AIR program that allows them to print a PDF to submit to us. Without an extensive knowledge of all of the Adobe Creative Suite programs, I wouldn't be able to show my full value and potential to my company. They thought they were hiring a graphic designer and they are extremely pleased that they have received much more than that!

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