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Prospective Students

Perhaps the most common question asked by students considering Mass Communications as their major is, “Are there jobs for people with a Mass Com degree?  Sure, it’s fun and ‘cool,’ but I need to make sure I can work professionally after I graduate.”

How many television channels do you have on your home system?  How many stations can you pick up on your radio or satellite receiver?  How many audio and video sources do access every day?  It is obvious that there are literally thousands of communications sources available to you.  Who produces all the material presented on these outlets?  Who promotes them and creates the material to attract users?  Who manages the companies and facilities that provide these services?

The answer to these questions demonstrates the need these industries have for educated, qualified people.  Hundreds of thousands of people work doing jobs that allow them to be creative and have rewarding lives.

Why Lindenwood?

In 1946, the administration at Lindenwood made a commitment to providing a high-quality Mass Communications program.  Since that time, the university has recommitted and strengthened it resolve to prepare its students for a very competitive job market.  These are not just “missions” written on in a dusty book somewhere.  Take a look at the evidence of this resolve.

Facilities  Lindenwood has invested millions of dollars in the future of its students.  While other schools were selling of broadcast properties to get out of debt, Lindenwood was building new studios and acquiring new licenses.  LU students spend hundreds of hours perfecting skills that will make the step from classroom to career a short one.

Faculty  Academics who have had successful professional careers in their areas of expertise.

Track record.

Lindenwood graduates have shaped the Communications industry and are working in both high-profile jobs and powerful “behind the scenes” positions.

The next step is to talk with one of Lindenwood’s professionals to find out how Lindenwood can help you grow.  A personal visit is the most valuable means of truly understanding what we have to offer.

Please come see our beautiful campus and meet with the people who enjoy sharing in the success of their students.  Contact Dean Mike Wall, who will introduce you to your future.

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