Master of Music Education (MME) | Lindenwood University

4 L I N D E N W O O D U N I V E R S I T Y M A S T E R O F M U S I C E D U C A T I O N YEAR 2 Fall (9 Credit Hours) AMC 60000 Thesis/Directed Project I (3) EDU 52000 Curriculum Analysis and Design (3) MUS 53000 Leadership in K-12 Music Programs (3) Spring (9 Credit Hours) AMC 61000 Thesis/Directed Project II (3) MUS 54000 Conducting and Literature (3) MUS 55000 Arranging (3) Milestone 2 (AMC 61000) Produce final Thesis/Project Report and submit appropriate cumulative project that contributes to the field and demonstrates advanced knowledge in a specialized area consistent with the focus of their graduate program. FACULTY Dr. Katherine Herrell (Program Manager) 636.627.2555 CURRICULUM YEAR 1 Fall (9 Credit Hours) AMC 50000 Research Methods OR EDU 57000 Educational Research (3) MUS 50100 Foundations in Music Education (3) MUS 51000 Contemporary Issues in Music Education (3) Spring (6 Credit Hours) AMC 51000 Research and Scholastic Writing (3) EDU 50500 Analysis of Teaching and Learning Behavior (3) Milestone 1 (MUS 51000) Produce research paper demonstrating quantitative and qualitative skills in the use of data gathering methods and data analysis techniques used for typical analyses in conducting research that is consistent with the focus of their graduate program.