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Dining Services

Exciting Meal Plan Changes Coming This Fall!

Faculty, staff, and adjunct instructors are eligible for complimentary lunches at the Spellmann Center, the Evans Commons, and the Grab N’ Go in Butler Hall.  Campus visitors may purchase breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the Spellmann Center and the Evans Commons.  Sandwiches and snacks are available for purchase at the Lone Wolf coffee shops in the Spellmann Center and at Butler Library.  The following meal plans are available to students:

Meal plan basics
The traditional meal plan provides 19 meals each week. Other options offer lots of flexibility for students’ busy schedules.

Traditional - 19 meals/week
Students are entitled to one meal during each meal period, up to 19 meals per week. There are 19 meal periods beginning each Monday morning and ending each Sunday night. Meal periods are defined as breakfast, lunch, and dinner, Monday through Friday and brunch and dinner on Saturday and Sunday during specific times.

14-Plus Plan (includes points)
14 meals per week during any meal time. 130 Flex Points to be used in all dining locations per semester. (60.00 upcharge per semester.)

10-Plus Plan (includes points)
10 meals per week during any meal time. 75 Flex Points to be used in all dining locations per semester. ($35.00 upcharge per semester.)

Interested in Changing Your Meal Plan?
Log onto your student portal and go to "Dining Services", click on "Meal Plan Information", and you are able to change it from there. Please note that you may only change your meal plan the first 3 weeks of the semester.

Flex-point system preloaded on ID card
Student ID Cards will be used with an all new Point of Sale System that is tied to the campus database through the student's portal. Students will be able to use a pre-determined meal equivalency (Flex) amount to purchase meals at all retail locations (the value of one meal within the 19 meal program). Flex amount is a dollar amount set to provide a combined meal value in the retail locations.

Need to check or reload your Flex Points?
Log onto your Student Portal, click on "Dining Services", scroll to the bottom of the page to see the options.

There are five dining service options on campus:

Dietary Restrictions
For any dietary restrictions or special needs, meal replacements, and sick tray service, please contact Food Service Director Nancy Tinker.

Questions or concerns about your dining hall services Student Worker hours?
Please email, and we will respond to you within 24 hours.

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