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Educational Specialist (EdS)

The Educational Specialist (EdS) Program enhances the knowledge and competencies of the master’s degree. Focusing on evaluation of current research and experience, the EdS program improves upon the student’s problem-solving techniques, critical-thinking skills, and knowledge of prevalent topics in the world of education today.

Lindenwood offers three different EdS degrees:

In this program the student will be prepared to establish progressive solutions to difficult problems by collaborating with a wide range of education professionals.  The student will also analyze current practices in education and investigate strategies to increase learning in the classroom.  Also, the student will explore 21st century skills and the challenges teachers face in order to prepare their students for this evolving, new world.

The EdS program consists of a minimum of 28-30 credit hours beyond the requirements for the Master of Arts in School Administration or Master of Arts in Education. 

Upon completion of the EdS in Educational Administration (Advanced Certification), up to 24 hours may be transferred to the EdD Program.  Upon completion of the EdS in Instructional Leadership, up to 24 hours may be transferred to the EdD Program.  Upon completion of the EdS in School Administration, up to six hours (EDA 53000, EDA 53500) may be transferred into the EdD program.

For more information, please contact:
Dr. Graham Weir
EdS Department Chair
(636) 949-4315

EdS Application

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