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About the Journal of Educational Leadership in Action

ELA, Journal of Educational Leadership in Action, is an open access online peer review journal offering its readers a global platform for dialogue on research-based educational practice. ELA is published by the Department of Educational Leadership, School of Education at Lindenwood University.

The research you will discover at ELA covers a wide range of topics: administration, instruction, curriculum, assessment, adult learning, higher education, and international education. Interdisciplinary researchers are encouraged to submit.

ELA's online design is interactive and includes a rare opportunity to hear directly from the researcher. Using a multi-media approach, you will be able to listen to the author sharing details regarding methodology, the context in which their study was completed, and the results fostering new questions for further research.

ELA accepts manuscripts on a rolling basis. Before you submit, we ask that you develop an ELA account at no cost. Contact information will be kept confidential and allow the ELA publishing staff to send you a note when we upload a new video or publish a new edition. We hope you'll consider ELA for your next publication.

Lynda Leavitt, EdD
Editor, ELA

Editor: Lynda Leavitt, EdD
Associate Editor, Research, Evaluation and Measurement: Sherrie Wisdom, EdD
Associate Editor, Content and Creativity: Beth Kania-Gosche, PhD
Associate Editor, Multimedia: Yvonne Gibbs, EdD
Copy Editor: Robyne Elder, EdD                                                                                                                                                                                          
Dean, School of Education, Lindenwood University: Cynthia Bice, EdD