Journal of Educational Leadership in Action
A global platform for ongoing dialogue in research based practice of educational leadership


Mission: To provide an open-access, reader-centered, interactive forum for presentation and discussion of peer-reviewed educational research in a broad array of contexts

This journal accepts manuscripts throughout the year. New manuscripts will be published twice a year. See below for upcoming themes. All work must be submitted by email at and should be addressed to the editor, Lynda Leavitt. Please place the applicable theme in the subject line.

Quantitative/Qualitative/Mixed Methods/Action Research/High Level Program Evaluation or Implementation/Critical Analysis/Current Issue Papers/Book Reviews/other types of submissions are welcomed, papers inclusive of embedded links are also acceptable and welcomed.

After acceptance the author must submit a two to three minute original video addressing their article, creativity is important. The author will be responsible for a release form should someone else other than the author be involved in the video. Once the manuscript has been accepted the author(s) should begin creating the video. When completed please send to Associate Editor, Multimedia: Yvonne Gibbs, A video submission deadline will be included in the manuscript acceptance letter.

Seeking Readers: If you are interested in becoming a reader for ELA, please email Lynda Leavitt, EdD Editor, at

Themes for future issues:
Alternative Education
Charter Schools
Curriculum and Instruction
Education Finance
Education in a Global Context
Federal Issues in Education
Professional Development
Special Education
Social Justice/Equity
Teacher accountability Teacher evaluation

Manuscript Specifications:
10-20 single spaced/5,000-10,000 words
APA 6th edition only
Times Roman 12
Tables and Figures embedded within article
1 inch margins
Must be submitted in Microsoft Word
ALL manuscripts must be submitted in APA 6th edition, manuscripts not in APA 6th edition will be returned to the author

Video Criteria:
Purpose of study
Components of study
Strong sentence to entice audience to read the article
Unexpected outcome
Length – three to four minutes
YouTube Supported format
Free YouTube Downloader for MAC

The editors at ELA welcome suggestions not on the list. Associate Editors review all manuscripts utilizing the criteria below:

Submissions will be blind-reviewed and feedback will be given to both the author and the editor. After the review process is completed the author will receive one of the following decisions by email:

Accept Submission- the manuscript is accepted as is with no further editing needed.

Revisions Required- the manuscript is accepted after suggested edits have been made.

Decline Submission- the manuscript is not suitable for publication in ELA.

Book Reviews and Essays:

Book reviews are accepted in both manuscript and multimedia. If choosing to send a multimedia book review, authors are expected to follow submission processes for a multimedia author video. Contact for details.

Essays are accepted in manuscript form only and will need to abide by the following manuscript specifications:

Minimum of 5 pages, single spaced/2500 words
APA 6th edition only
Times Roman 12
1 inch margins


Plagiarism is taken very seriously at Lindenwood University and the Journal of Educational Leadership in Action. All manuscripts submitted to ELA must be the author’s original work. If there is evidence that the work is not original, the editor will notify the author and the manuscript will be denied publication. If the editors become aware of plagiarism after the work was published the manuscript will be removed from the online journal and any archives if applicable.

Copyright Notice:

Authors hold the copyright to any article they publish in Journal of Educational Leadership in Action. Credit as original publisher should be given to ELA if reprints are made and include the URL of the ELA publication. Anyone can copy any article(s) found within ELA as along as credit is given and copies of the article are not sold.

Editor: Lynda Leavitt, EdD
Assistant to the Editor: Erin Lee Kalkbrenner
Associate Editor, Research, Evaluation, and Measurement: Sherrie Wisdom, EdD
Associate Editor, Content and Creativity: Beth Kania-Gosche, PhD
Associate Editor, Multimedia: Yvonne Gibbs, EdD
Dean, School of Education, Lindenwood University: Cynthia Bice, EdD