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Spring 2014 Film Series

March 8, 2014 / 7:00 PM

Directed by Richard Eyre
Released: 2001

Starring -
Judi Dench
Jim Broadbent
Kate Winslet

Iris' main storyline unfolds in the early 1990s, when Iris (Judi Dench), regarded by some as the "foremost novelist of her generation" begins to experience the first stirrings of the disease that would eventually reduce her to a state of childlike helplessness. At first, she forgets things, and, for someone with a deep and abiding passion for words, her inability to recall the best one becomes a frustrating experience. Eventually, she loses more than just words. She can no longer write or even think coherently. The unknown frightens her. She sits in front of the television, watching shows designed for children. Her husband, John (Jim Broadbent), comfortable for forty years being the "weaker" half of the union, is now thrust into the role of caregiver. There are times when he is found lacking, but his love for his wife ensures that he will not give up on her until the end.

- James Berardinelli

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