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Financial Aid - Procedures

Free Application for Federal Student Aid or FAFSA

This application must be completed each year to determine all other funding.  The student may apply online at  using an FSA ID.  If you have filed your Federal taxes on-line and three weeks have passed, use the IRS Data Retrieval option offered in the FAFSA submission process to download data elements from your filed tax return to your FAFSA (both student and parent, if applicable).  This will save time and insure accuracy.

Should you use estimated tax numbers when initially filing the FAFSA, three weeks after filing Federal tax returns, return to the FAFSA under corrections, change “Will File” to “Already Completed” and use the IRS Data Retrieval Option to correct the estimated numbers to reported numbers.

If you do not have an FSA ID, you may apply for one at: . With this ID, you may electronically sign your FAFSA. It may also be used to make corrections directly online, reapply for financial aid, view federal loan database and add schools for data release.

Once your FAFSA application has been processed, Lindenwood will receive an institutional student information record. If you have been selected for verification, Lindenwood University will contact you by mail informing you of the necessary documents needed to complete the application process. No aid will be processed until the verification process is complete.

The office of Financial Aid will send you a Financial Aid Award Letter indicating what sources of aid you are using to pay your charges at Lindenwood University. Review the Award Letter for accuracy, sign and return the white copy to the Financial Aid office. If changes are necessary please contact the Financial Aid office by phone or mail.

All scholarships are financial resources and, as such, must be taken into account when an award is being packaged. If you receive a scholarship from a source other than the University, you should notify the financial aid office immediately if it does not appear on your award letter. If it is renewable, it will automatically be included in future awards provided the renewal criteria are met.

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