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Tuition and Fees

2015-16 Tuition and Fees

2014-15 Tuition and Fees

Full-time Undergraduate Resident
Full-time Tuition (12-18 credit hours) 15,230
Room 3,930
Board 3,590
Health and Activity Fee 350
Communication Fee-Residence Halls 300
LU Email-Alternative Housing 60
Total Annual (Resident) 23,450
Full-time Graduate
Semester Tuition (9-15 credit hours, resident only) 7,615
Semester Tuition (commuters, per credit hour) 440
LCIE (9 credit hour cluster) 3,960
MBA Session (commuters, per credit hour) 463
Part-time Undergraduate
Semester Tuition (per credit hour) 440
Quarter Tuition (per credit hour) 364
LCIE (9 credit hour cluster) 3,276
Part-time Graduate
Semester Tuition (per credit hour) 440
Quarter Tuition (per credit hour) 440
Educational Specialist Tuition (per cr. hr) 499
Doctor of Education Tuition (per cr. Hr.) 720
Housing and Meals
Room and Board per Semester/Trimester 3,760
Room per Quarter 1,590
Board per Quarter 1,530
Room Fee during breaks (per day) 35.14
Room per MBA Session 1,272
Board per MBA Session 1,224
Other Fees
Online surcharge 10% /course
Undergraduate Overload Fee (per credit hr) 440
Graduate Overload Fee (Arts) 440
Housing Deposit 300
Communication Fee-Residence Halls Undergrad (sem) 150
Communication Fee-Residence Halls Graduate (sem) 150
Communication Fee-Residence Halls Graduate (quarter) 75
Communication Fee-Residence Halls MBA (session) 60
LU Email-Alternative Housing Semester 30
LU Email-Alternative Housing Quarter 15
LU Email-Alternative Housing MBA Session 12
F-T Undergraduate Activity Fee (sem) 155
F-T Graduate Activity Fee (sem) 155
F-T Graduate Activity Fee (quarter) 78
F-T Graduate Activity Fee (MBA session) 62
F-T Undergraduate Health Fee (sem) 20
Graduate Health Fee (per semester) 20
Graduate Health Fee (per quarter) 10
Graduate Health Fee (per MBA session) 8
Lab Fee 30 - 75
Studio Fee (General) 30 - 75
Studio Fee (Ceramics, Photography, etc.) 85
Student Teaching Fee 250
Applied Music Fee (per credit hour) 200
Late Registration Fee (per term) 25
Promissory Note Fee (per term) 25
Late Payment Fee (per month) 50
Culminating Project Extension Fee Undergrad (qtr) 50
Culminating Project Extension Fee Graduate (qtr) 150
Undergraduate Graduation Fee 100
Graduate Graduation Fee 125
EdD Graduation Fee 200
EdD Dissertation Publication 500
EdS Project Fee (per semester) 500
Application Fee 30
Application Fee -International 100
Experiential Learning Porfolio Fee 300
Experiential Learning Credit Fee 90
Early College Start Prog. (per credit hr) 60
ECSP @ Moscow Mills (per credit hr) 100
Advance Placement Program (per credit hr) 100

Note: The undergraduate or graduate contract degree rate will be determined at the time of admission into the program. Provisions for extended stay housing and meals, degree programs, and tutoring and additional services are available upon request.

Students are expected to pay tuition charges prior to the beginning of each term. Students may use financial aid (grants and loans) as payment. Student Aid Reports and loan applications should be submitted to the Financial Aid Office prior to the beginning of each term.

The communications fee covers telephone service, voicemail, and cable TV services. The university provides complimentary Internet service to resident students living in the dormitories.

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