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HIT Center

During the 1980’s and 1990’s, Dr. Terry Shepherd began formulating the foundation of applying world-class exercise physiology principles to athletics, weight loss, and fitness. These extensive concepts and comprehensive research cumulated in the formation of a HIT Center that Dr. Shepherd started in Huntington, West Virginia in 2000. Dr. Shepherd began forming those fundamental principles one client at a time. In addition, the data gathered from early participants provided the basis of our BaseHIT database.

In 2003, Dr. Shepherd joined forces with Workers Choice Health Services, Inc. and two of its officers – Tim Betz, President and CEO, and Joe Duffield, Vice President – in order to develop the HIT Centers franchise operation. Workers Choice Health Services has taken its thirteen years of successful business operations and applied them to the development of the HIT Centers corporate structure and franchise operations

Mission Statement
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One athlete/client at a time, The HIT Center will utilize the limits of natural science to test, train, and motivate each athlete/client toward his or her highest potential level of human performance

Vision Statement

Clients will view The HIT Center as the unrivaled fusion of science and sport as well as science of weight loss and fitness. All centers combine world-class exercise physiology laboratories with intense exercise prescriptions and personal training formally available only to elite athletes.

HIT Centers will become an agent of change as we encourage and assist the revolution of human performance in the communities we serve. HIT Centers will be held in the highest regard by our customers, will foster personal and professional growth of each and every member of our staff, and will strive to leave each person with whom we associate better than they were before we met.

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