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Master of Public Administration (MPA)

Our program is offered in a five-term-a-year format (Fall I, Fall II, Spring I, Spring II, Summer).  If you think in terms of taking two courses in a term (nine weeks in length) then the MPA can be completed in less than 15 months.

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Goals and skills acquired through our MPA program:

  1. All good research today is Internet-based research.  One of the goals of this program is to teach students how to use the Internet well.  How to find and use government documents and data sites and how to apply caution when using government information when it is released and then, sometimes, subsequently revised is an objective of this program.  In addition, to the use of government sources, the Internet provides a wealth of information from research institutes as well as accessible online libraries.  Learning how to search for information is an important skill associated with Internet-based research and our MPA program helps students learn this skill. In many of our courses, readings are placed online as a means to help students learn about the variety of information that can be found throughout the Internet.  
  2. The use of Excel is a useful tool that helps MPA students in their analysis of policy issues. The use of mean, median, frequency, regression analysis, standard deviation, correlation coefficient, and the ability to create charts and graphs using Excel, is covered in our MPA courses.
  3. Short lectures (often 5-9 minutes in length) have been placed on YouTube.  These lectures address specific assignments in courses, specific readings that have been placed online in courses, as well as more general lectures that help students develop a “comfortable feel” with the use of Excel, for example.  YouTube, as a visual medium, helps to complement the online courses, thereby assisting students in their courses and the program as a whole.  If interested, please use the following to search YouTube for these lectures (many more are currently being planned and will be added by the summer of 2014): “Lindenwood University online Master of Public Administration Short Lecture Series.”   
  4. Our MPA program is designed to address many foundation issues associated with public administration as well as prepare students to apply more immediate skills which they need in careers where they will apply their MPA degree.  This approach allows students who complete our MPA program to feel confident that they have been prepared to handle the rigors of a PhD program in Public Administration, Public Policy Analysis, or a related field if they choose to continue toward that degree.

The Master of Public Administration (MPA) program requires twelve courses (36 credit hours)

Required Courses (7 courses, 21 credit hours)

MPA 59300 Governmental Budgeting
MPA 59400 Public Administration: Principles, Applications & Ethics
MPA 59600 Program Implementation & Evaluation
MPA 59800 Business/Government Environment
MPA 59901 Public Finance & Taxation
MPA 59902 Economic Analysis for Policy Makers
MPA 59909 Capstone Course in Public Administration

Five elective courses (5 courses, 15 credit hours)
MPA 59903 Policy Design & Analysis
MPA 59904 Legal Issues in Public Administration
MPA 59905 Policy & Budgetary Forecasting
MPA 59906 Data Collection & Evaluation
MPA 59907 State and Local Public Finance, Taxation & Auditing
MPA 59908 Governmental Institutions: Performance & Accountability
MPA 59900 Special Topics in Public Administration (specialized topics of specific interest to just one student can be addressed using this course)
Students can also use online courses in the Master of Business Administration (MBA) program for some or all of their electives. Students will need to be aware of prerequisites for many of the online MBA courses.
MGMT 56025 Business Concepts
ACCT 51010 Financial Accounting Concepts
ECON 53081 Economics Concepts
ACCT 51011 Managerial Accounting
FIN 52010 Financial Policy
MIS 54000 Management Information Systems
MRKT 55010 Marketing Principles and Issues
MGMT 56060 Business Law and Ethics
MGMT 56070 Statistics and Quantitative Analysis
INTL 58001 International Business Operations
ENTR 57515 Small Business Management
HRM 56510 Strategic Human Resource Management
HRM 56545 Employment and Labor Law
MGMT 56020 Organizational Communications
MGMT 56035 Organizational Behavior
MGMT 56056 Leadership Theory
MGMT 56057 Leadership Strategy
MGMT 56085 Operations Management
MGMT 56030 Management Practices
MGMT 56037 Organizational Change & Development
Students can also use courses in the MA in Nonprofit Administration (NPA) program for some or all of their electives.  Unlike the MPA and MBA programs, however, which are in the five terms-a-year format (Fall I, Fall II, Spring I, Spring II, Summer), the NPA program is in the online semester format (Fall, Spring, Summer).  Students will need to be aware of prerequisites for some of the NPA courses.
NPA 50000 Fundraising and Planning
NPA 50300 HRM for Nonprofit Organizations
NPA 55000 Management of Nonprofit Organizations
NPA 56000 Leadership in Nonprofit Organizations
NPA 57000 Organization Behavior for Nonprofit Organizations
NPA 57100 Grant Writing
NPA 5800 Nonprofit Budgeting and Financial Management
NPA 59000 Marketing for Nonprofit Organizations
NPA 52000 Program and Organizational Evaluation
NPA 54000 Problem Solving
NPA 58100 Strategic and Program Planning for Nonprofit Organizations

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Ron Carron

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